Kayak NATSEQ - Tandem Harlequin - Blue-Red-Green-Blue


NATSEQ - A unique, divisible kayak that converts from a single to a double in seconds. It has a patent-pending locking system that allows for quick assembly and disassembly and space-saving transport & storage.

Here in the colour combination: blue-red-green-blue

Your colour combination is not yet listed? Then simply send us an email with the desired module colours and hatch covers to . We will make you an offer!

Delivery time: 14 days

Additional information

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 560 × 59 × 38 cm
The perfect complement to your NATSEQ

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Why Natseq?


NATSEQ Features

NATSEQ is a unique divisible, because modular kayak with best performance and probably the longest waterline in this boat length.

Sporty lines paired with plenty of space in the bow and stern as completely usable storage space as well as a huge cockpit in which even paddlers over 2 metres tall can sit comfortably.

The hydrodynamically perfected underwater shape of U-frame to bent-frame, moderate keel jump and low wetted area, through perfect length-to-width ratio and greatest width aft of the cockpit gives the NATSEQ outstanding performance. The waterline is perhaps the longest in this length of boat.

NATSEQ is ideal for rivers, lakes and coastal waters - for a few hours or days, alone or in pairs, threesomes, ... with luggage, dog or without.

NATSEQ as a solo can carry a load of 160kg, as a tandem up to 260kg. For even longer tours or the dog + luggage, the PACKER offers a further 60l of load volume and carries up to 50kg.

We have designed and built a fast, agile and easy-to-manoeuvre kayak that stands comparison with other high-quality kayaks and will give you a lot of pleasure and relaxed hours on the water!

NATSEQ is regional because it is 100 percent Made in Germany!

Currently available in 3 colours: red, green, blue

Delivery time: 14 days

NATSEQ Tandem zusammengebaut NATSEQ Tandem auseinander

Why you should choose NATSEQ

Currently available in 3 colours: Red, Green, Blue.
NATSEQ harlekin

That's what they say about NATSEQ:

"Have fun with this great boat. I love my NATSEQ and was on the Ardesh with it this year. About 24 kilometres down the river through all the rapids it did very well."

"In the best paddling weather. And so beautifully uncomplicated with the #NATSEQ. Not even 5 minutes and I'm on the water. That's how it should be."

"... went on a nice kayak test tour on the Saar today. Different boats as solo and tandem were on the programme and the focus was on the new, modular NATSEQ from Kayak Innovations. We are thrilled!"

"Even at 60 I keep my fitness, I have a personal trainer on 4 paws. My kayak is waiting in the wings. The combination of dog and kayak has worked for me. Without a dog compartment on my kayak, I would really be missing something today."


Our new add-on module for versatile transport applications such as more luggage, your dog or whatever you want to take with you on a paddle tour.

Our NATSEQPacker is the consistent further development of the idea of an ideal modular kayak. This module is the first of its kind worldwide.

In addition to the payload possibilities of the day hatches, you can create an additional 50 kg of payload with this extension module.

What else?

    • Class straight running
    • Fast and agile
    • Use in solo and tandem
    • Always mount behind the Solo module
    • Dimensions: 99 x 59 x 29.5 cm
    • Extension in the boat: 90 cm
    • Volume: 56.5 litres
    • Weight: 9.8 kg
    • Made in Germany
Leer NATSEQPacker Voll NATSEQPacker

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