NATSEQ - Control system


NATSEQ - Original steering system as complete set with all necessary parts for damage-free self-assembly for more safety through better manoeuvring.

Delivery time: 5 days

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

NATSEQ - steering system: Original accessory, which is highly recommended for use with the packer or as a two-person kayak. It improves the manoeuvring characteristics of your kayak, especially in crosswinds, and offers an additional plus in safety, particularly for inexperienced paddlers.

The complete set for self-assembly includes components perfectly matched to the kayak, consisting of:
Bracket for the rudder blade
Rudder blade detachable and removable
Divided control and suspension lines with quick connectors for easier stowage of the individual modules
Deck fittings
All metric screws made of V4A stainless steel for damage-free assembly