Paddle "NEPTUN X" 205-215cm High Angle


The NEPTUN X paddle has very thin, curved blades in high angle construction. Developed entirely from glass fibres in lightweight construction, every paddle stroke can be guided smoothly and comfortably.

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Weight 0,86 kg
Dimensions 205 cm

Light, comfortable and discreet, the NEPTUN X is the ideal paddle for long day trips for paddlers who like their paddle stroke in a high angle style. This is also referred to as a "slow angle paddle", which means that it delivers the highest efficiency with a relatively low and round stroke in relation to the boat. It has very thin, curved blades made of fibreglass, which correspond in shape and size to the original NEPTUN wooden paddle. The shaft is made of a fibreglass-carbon composite. Thanks to the innovative Quick-Lock system lock, the paddle can be adjusted by up to 10cm in length as well as any angle.


- one High Angle GFKC paddle

- 2-part Vario shaft made of GFKC Composite

- Sheet GFK midsized made of GFK in the design of the original "Neptun".

- available length: 205-215cm

- Weight: 860g